Make your community’s job board so valuable you can even monetize it

Add the Freeflow Discord bot to your server to create a job board channel that works for your community.

✅ Eliminate spam

✅ Provide safety tools to stop scams

✅ Enable free or paid posts

Communities with over 130,000 members use Freeflow

Add the Freeflow bot to your Discord server and get going in 10 seconds

  • Auto-moderate job posts to avoid spam
  • Allow job posters to require ID-verified applicants to reduce scams
  • Earn from paid posts or premium features
  • Make the job board beautiful
  • Allow connections without needing to open DMs
  • Allow members to build profiles to showcase skills
  • Help your community members find opportunities by making your job board discoverable

Monetize your server with paid posts

Allow your community and companies to connect with identity-verified candidates and create highlighted posts. Freeflow makes money when you do. We're equal partners at 50%.

Set up the Freeflow bot in your server today at no cost, get started today!

Our Integrations


A developer community where people that build with Vue & Vuetify talk, create, and learn together.


Largest Node.js community includes core JavaScript devs and builders of major products.


Community of skilled ECMAScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, and CoffeeScript developers.


A developer community that educates members on Blockchain and Crypto Technologies.


Blockchain developer community and an excellent way to find web3-native technical folks.


A community where NFT enthusiasts and programmers gather together to collect, code, trade, and talk about web3 tech.

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Freeflow has been successfully building marketplaces for talent since 2021. After helping 430+ projects launch with our previous tool, we plan to enable more great work with the introduction of the Freeflow Network.

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The founders of Freeflow are a global team of developers, economists, designers, and freelancers - that live in the spaces we serve. Get to know us better!

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Our fearless leader- manager of peoples, builder of tools, data-lover.

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The guardian of code, the pro behind the technology.

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Freeflow's very own product expert. A user-testing machine.

Lydia Hoopingarner

The marketing and design wizard- better known as Subby's creator.

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