Talent - Oct 4, 2022

Developer Highlight Series: AceOluwapelumi

As you all know, Freeflow is a marketplace to connect the top blockchain talent to web3 projects. But who makes up this talent network? What parts of the shift from web2 to web3 are they excited about? During this blog series, we will share a few open-ended questions about blockchain development and the industry as a whole, so we can better understand the perspective of the folks who are actually building the infrastructure!

Meet AceOluwapelumi, and follow along as he dives into his predictions and observations of the web3 space. If you feel they might be a great match for a project you are working on, join the Freeflow Discord server and we can connect you!


Gm frens, I'm AceOluwapelumi, a software developer with solid experience working on Web, Mobile and Blockchain projects. I've worked on numerous NFT projects and projects building on blockchain. When I'm not working on a project, I'm learning new things, writing or taking photographs of nature.

Why Web3

Because it opens a new world of possibilities that includes decentralization, permissionless internet. Personally, I love watching the space grow, it's like watching a seed sprout and turn into a tree.

Which part of the space excites you the most?

The fact that it is mostly secure, decentralized, and puts users more in control of their internet presence and identity.

What are your thoughts on the web3 market and the current landscape of crypto projects?

Right now, we're in a bear market, which I think gives people room to actually build solid products that solve real-world problems using blockchain and not hyped projects looking to make quick bucks that come with a bull market. As a developer, I love the fact that we're in building mode.

What is your favorite project or initiative in the web3 space?

Ethereum Virtual Machine, Ethereum.

What is your favorite project you have worked on in the web3 space?

A project using blockchain to solve real estate problems.

What are the tools/software/protocols you use for developing web3 products?

Solidity, React, Ethersjs, Hardhat, Wagmi, Thirdwebsdk

What emerging tools/software/protocols in web3 are you most excited to learn or feel will play a big role in the future?

Soulbound tokens, decentralized storage protocols like Ipfs and Arweave, Defi protocols too

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