Talent - Sep 29, 2022

Developer Highlight Series: Carl Barrdahl

As you all know, Freeflow is a marketplace to connect the top blockchain talent to web3 projects. But who makes up this talent network? What parts of the shift from web2 to web3 are they excited about? During this blog series, we will share a few open-ended questions about blockchain development and the industry as a whole, so we can better understand the perspective of the folks who are actually building the infrastructure!

We are kicking off our newest blog series highlighting the amazing talent in the Freeflow network. Meet Carl Barrdahl, and follow along as he dives into his predictions and observations of the web3 space.

If you feel Carl might be a great match for a project you are working on, feel free to connect with him or view his profile!

Why web3?

I have always been curious about the evolution of the web and grew up with the dial-up modems and early forums. Web3 reminds me in some ways of those early days with it's playful and at the same time idealistic attitudes towards the future.

It bridges many important fields such as technology, game theory, politics, and economics.

Which part of the space excites you the most?

I love the premise of user-owned content over corporate silos of data. We can define our data and have services pull when they need access rather than us pushing the data. It also enables composability by combining different pieces of data.

DAOs and Governance presents new ideas for how collaboration can happen across the world and the innovation and inclusiveness of new financial tools is also exciting.

There also the enabling of new forms of art that I'm keeping an eye on.

What are your thoughts on the web3 market and the current landscape of crypto projects?

At this point in our culture humans seem very much motivated by money and I think it shows in the markets and type of projects we see. Other forms of incentives emerge as we grow and learn what's important to us. We can create systems that reward actions conducive to our well-being and evolution.

What are your speculations or predictions on where the web3 industry is headed?

We have a longing for belonging and working together so I think communities and impact projects could be part of the next cycle. Energy creation markets, incentives around recycling and cleaning up the planet, regenerative farming and permaculture, spiritual and mental healing are some areas that interest me.

What is your favorite project or initiative in the web3 space?

I love what Gitcoin are doing with funding of public digital goods and quadratic funding. Would be cool to see this applied to more offline projects as well. Giveth is another one. Ceramic Network is doing great work in the user-owned data space.

What is your favorite project you have worked on in the web3 space?

Freeflow, because of their vision and how they seek to innovate the way freelancers work with clients. I think the potential here is huge to create better systems for collaboration, honest reputation systems with verifiable credentials, and new compensation models.

What are the tools/software/protocols you use for developing web3 products?

My favorite setup at the moment is Turborepo with Next.js, Hardhat, TheGraph, Chakra-UI and RainbowKit. It makes building web3 products so quick and fun! Scaffold-ETH is excellent for quickly prototyping smart contracts.

What emerging tools/software/protocols in web3 are you most excited to learn or feel will play a big role in the future?

Feel free to recommend me some!

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