Talent, Company and Hiring - Nov 2, 2022

Freeflow Market Trends Report: October 2022

Freeflow is a marketplace to hire vetted blockchain developers for web3 projects. Freeflow receives hundreds of requests from web3 builders looking for developers, below are some of the latest aggregated project trends:

Web3 Project Trends by Chain

In October, Freeflow continued to see consistency in project requests across Ethereum and Solana. A new trend was the rise in Aptos blockchain project requests, which represented nearly 8% of all projects. Meanwhile, Polygon requests declined from 7% to just 2% over the same period.

Web3 Project Trends by Category

Although the share of NFT project requests slightly declined to 37% in October from 45% in September, they continue to lead as the most common project request. DeFi project requests remain more volatile and grew from 5% in September to 13% in October. Blockchain game projects were on the rise, while project requests to strictly launch tokens fell.

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