Hiring and Talent - Sep 23, 2022

Getting the Most Out of the Bird App

As members of the web3 community, it is our duty to stay informed and updated on the goings-on in the space. Having diverse voices and perspectives to grow our understanding of crypto is extremely important to us at Freeflow. And while the world of web3 evolves, we continue to spend time keeping up with all aspects of the space, whether that be technical, non-technical, regulatory, political, controversial, and so on.

Since we have begun developing Freeflow our marketplace for blockchain talent to connect with crypto projects, we have compiled a hub of influencers, educators, and contributors that we trust. I felt like it was time to share it with you all!

Let’s Talk Twitter

Twitter is an infinite resource. If you are a developer interested in learning solidity, Twitter has a developer learning outlay for you to follow along. If you are interested in seeing how NFT’s can benefit the world, there is a project owner shilling their project and sharing how it will end world hunger. There is something for everyone on Twitter. That being said, it can feel extremely overwhelming to find a resource that you trust, that is creating original content, and that cares about the success of the space.

Here are a few of the folks we at Freeflow trust to share great content:

Blockchain Founders and Investors

Joseph Lubin @ethereumJoseph founder of @ConsenSys

OpenSea @opensea CEO Devin Finzer @dfinzer

Uniswap @Uniswap founder Hayden Adams @haydenzadams

Dapper Labs @dapperlabs founder Roham Gharegozlou @roham

Scott Belsky @scottbelsky founder of @behance and CPO @adobe

Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong CEO of @coinbase

Marc Andreessen @pmarca and Ben Horowitz @bhorowitz, co-founders @a16z

Chris Dixon @cdixon founder of @a16z crypto

Vitalik Buterin @VitalikButerin co-founder of @Ethereum

Kevin Owocki @owocki co-founder of @Gitcoin

Alexis Ohanian @alexisohanian founder of @sevensevensix

Denelle Dixon @DenelleDixon CEO of @StellarOrg

Sonal Chokshi @smc90 editor-in-chief of @a16z crypto

Michele Korver @MicheleKorver head of regulatory at @a16z crypto

Anatoly Yakovenko @aeyakovenko co-founder of @solana

Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee CEO of @Vaynermedia creator of @veefriends

Sandeep Nailwal @sandeepnailwal co-founder of @0xPolygon

Emin Gün Sirer @el33th4xor founder of @avalabsofficial

Gaby Goldberg @gaby_goldberg investing @tcg_crypto

Elena Burger @VirtualElena investing @a16z crypto

Nader al-Naji @nadertheory founder of @desoprotocol

Mo Shaikh @moshaikhs co-founder of @aptoslabs

Illia Polosukhin @ilblackdragon co-founder of @NEARProtocol

Andres Barreto @andresbarreto of @TechstarsMIA

Kathryn Haun @katie_haun founder of @HaunVentures

Jesse Walden @jessewldn investing @variantfund

Influential Builders and Voices

Nadya Tolokonnikova @nadyariot co-founder of @pussyrrriot and @unicorndao_xxx

Iman Europe @ImanEurope artist and head of artist relations at @soundxyz_

Yam Karkai @YKarkai CEO & CCO of @worldofwomennft

Georgios Konstantopoulos @gakonst CTO & research partner at @paradigm

Jacob Horne @js_horne

Maliha Abidi @Maliha_z_Art founder of @WomenRiseNFT

Mai Akiyoshi @mai_on_chain founder of @curiousaddys

Vriti Saraf @VritiSaraf founder of @Ed3DAO and @ed3educators

Coopahtroopa @Cooopahtroopa investing @cooprecordsxyz

Foteini Baldimtsi @FBaldimtsi crypto & security researcher prof at @GeorgeMasonU

Sarah Hamburg @Shamburgularara cofounder of @phas3labs

Valeria Nikolaenko @lera_banda research partner at @a16z crypto

Ryan Selkis @twobitidiot founder of @messaricrypto

Prof. Tonya M. Evans @IPProfEvans

@DickinsonLaw Crypto and IP Law

Griff Green @thegrifft founder & CEO @commonsstack

Mike Dudas @mdudas investing @6thmanventures and founder @linksdao @TheBlock__

Debbie Soon @debsoon co-founder of @thehugxyz

pseudotheos @pseudotheos

Randi Zuckerberg @randizuckerberg

@akrtws founder of @tokenengineering

Emilie Choi @emiliemc President and COO at @Coinbase

Arianna Simpson @AriannaSimpson general partner at @a16z crypto

Koh Kim @kohkim head of ecosystem at @Mysten_Labs

Lindsay Lin @LindsayxLin partner and COO at @dragonfly_xyz

@Melt_Dem CSO of @CoinSharesCo

B Fathieh @BFATHIEH co-founder and general partner of @factionvc

Misha @mishadavinci founder of @FutureotWorld

Kashvi @kashviETH community manager at @worldofwomennft

Packy McCormick @packyM founder of Not Boring

Ryan Wyatt @Fwiz CEO @polygonstudios

Sriram Krishnan @sriramk investing @a16z crypto

6529 @punk6529

David Phelps @divine_economy co-founder of @ecodao_ and @jokedao_ investing @thecowfund

@Zeneca_33 founder and CEO of @ZenAcademy_ and @The333Club

News and Media Outlets

Cointelegraph @Cointelegraph news source

Balaji Srinivasan @balajis founder of The Network State

Carly Reilly @carlypreilly host of @overpricedJPEGs

Web3 is going just great. @web3isgreat created by @molly0xfff

Chase Chapman @chaserchapman host of the Othersidepod

Laura Shin @laurashin host of the @Unchained_pod

The Milk Road @MilkRoadDaily

Tascha Che @TaschaLabs founder of TaschaLabs newsletter

Camila Russo @CamiRusso owner of @DefiantNews

@mattmedved co-founder, CEO & EIC @nftnow

Laura Rod founder and host of the @TheMiamiApe

Farokh Sarmad @farokh founder of @RugRadio

David Hoffman @TrustlessState co-founder of @banklesshq

WGMI Media @WGMImedia news source

David Smooke @DavidSmooke founder and CEO of @hackernoon



HashLips @Hashlipsnft founded by Daniel Eugene Botha @de_botha

My BFF @mybff community by @brit and @jaimeschmidt

Buidlers Tribe @BuidlersTribe

ZenAcademy @ZenAcademy_

CryptoDevHub @cryptodevhub

Blockchain Development Educators

Austin Griffith @austingriffith creator of Speed Run Ethereum

Nader Dabit @dabit3 founder of @developer_dao

Patrick Collins @PatrickAlphaC

Vitto Rivabella @VittoStack Dev Rel at @AlchemyPlatform

Francesco Ciulla @FrancescoCiull4 contributor to @LearnWeb3DAO

Dany Tulumidis @danytulumidis contributor to @LearnWeb3DAO

Suhail Kakar @SuhailKakar developer at @ChainstackHQ and building @0xOnboard

Freeflow Team

Lydia Hoopingarner @LydiaHoopingar1 co-founder of @freeflowdev

Ramiro Sugranes @RamiroSugranes co-founder of @freeflowdev

Berk Serbetcioglu @BerkSerbet co-founder and CEO of @freeflowdev

Derin Serbetcioglu @ser6et co-founder of @freeflowdev

Umesh Siddarth @umeshsiddarth teammate at @freeflowdev

From investors to company founders, to news outlets, to builders themselves- this list covers folks from all walks of life that believe in a future with web3. I hope that it provides you with the same infinite resources that it has for the Freeflow team!

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