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Top Job Boards in Discord Developer Communities

Check out the following communities to post your job and find great talent!


6k+ Members

Community of skilled ECMAScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, and CoffeeScript developers.


6k+ Members

A developer community that educates members on Blockchain and Crypto Technologies.


10k+ Members

Largest Node.js community includes core JavaScript devs and builders of major products.


15k+ Members

Blockchain developer community and an excellent way to find web3-native technical folks.


40k+ Members

A community where NFT enthusiasts and programmers gather together to collect, code, trade, and talk about web3 tech.

iOS Development

7k+ Members

Discord community for Apple Developers! Discuss Swift, iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS development.

[P1-OM] Open Metaverse Initiative

4k+ Members

We stand out as the place to connect with people interested in building an ETHICAL Metaverse.


12k+ Members

Share ideas and best practices, get help with technical questions, and discuss TensorFlow with other developers.

Visual Studio Code

4k+ Members

An engaging community of folks dedicated to learning and building with Visual Studio Code, the code editor.

Devs For Hire and Jobs

7k+ Members

A developer community that prioritizes hiring and software development.


50k+ Members

A developer community where people that build with Vue & Vuetify talk, create, and learn together.

web dev and web design

25k+ Members

A vibrant community dedicated to supporting developers and designers of all levels!

Programmers Palace

7k+ Members

A Discord-based community for people of all experience levels interested in Computer Science and Programming.

CS Career Hub

32k+ Members

CS Career Hub ranges from first-year students to hiring managers, to guide engineers at any point in their careers.

Google Cloud Community (Unofficial)

1k+ Members

A developer community that builds with, discusses, and educates about GCP.

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