Make your community’s job board so valuable you can even monetize it

Click the button to add the Freeflow bot to your Discord server and run /job-board to launch your job board!

✅ Free for your community to use

✅ Earn from relevant job posts shared with your community

✅ Say goodbye to job board spam

" Freeflow's assistance and participation in the HashLips Community have been priceless. From their attentive involvement with members to their unique approach to aiding emerging creators, their dedication to building a pleasant and inclusive environment for creators shines through in everything they do. Freeflow's contribution to our community is extremely appreciated and has had a positive effect on the way we work together." - Hashlips Moderator, Jie

How It Works

Add our bot and get going in 20 seconds

  • Create an organized jobs feed.
  • Have Freeflow moderate posts, we'll take down spam and let the poster know.
  • Earn from paid posts.
  • Make your server discoverable on our explore page and Discord server.

Monetize your server with paid posts

Allow your community and companies in Freeflow's network to make highlighted posts. Freeflow makes money when you do. We're equal partners at 50%. Get started today!

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